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Jesus Died That You May LIVE!!!!!
If you're of the 76% of Americans who identify themselves as being a Christian...life should be "ABUNDANT" for you! Unfortunately, "ABUNDANCE" is not always the case...though it could be; and even should be. 

The difference between an abundant life, and a life of mediocrity lies in the understanding and implementation of PROVEN biblical mysteries. For Jesus implies that Christians have been granted access to abundance (through the mysteries) that the world is not privileged to. 
(Matthew 13:9-12).

One of the GREATEST mysteries in scripture is the "Mystery of the Bride." This mystery unveils:

  • The truth about Jesus' Commitment to feed, shelter, clothe, protect and prosper you.
  • 3 Simple Steps GUARANTEED to bring PEACE and JOY to your life.
  • How to create an atmosphere in your home that entices God to DWELL there. 
  • The RIGHT-NOW benefits of sharing the GOOD News.
  • How to Master money...FOREVER!! 

These and many other truths will captivate your heart in this extraordinary e-book, titled: "Tears of the Husband; Are You A Faithful Bride to Christ or The Cause of His Weeping?"  We Guarantee  that the principles contained in this book will help you live a more productive, purposeful, and joy-filled life. 

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